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Our Mother - Daughter relationship

It was at the vacation/retreat mentioned in our blog that we realized how far we had come in our Mother/Daughter relationship. Women who attended the retreat were shocked that I had brought my mother with me. For one, they were surprised that I asked her and even more surprised that she said yes. As we were being asked questions we saw how much healing is needed with mother/daughter relationships. It was 22 years ago when our relationship began to heal. I had just gone through the intense tragedy of suddenly losing my husband. He was my high school sweetheart and I was young when I married him. That naturally caused tensions in our mother/daughter relationship on top of years of tension growing from simply misunderstanding who we were as individuals. ​ That truly is the way forward. The first step is to start forgiving and accepting who we are as individuals and that many childhood upbringing issues are the underlying of what dictates that relationship. My mother had her behavioral attributes marked from her experience and witnessing what a mother/daughter relationship was from her mother and the generational passing down of that lineage of experiences. The healing comes from unconditional love. We must see past the hurt and wounds to witness the other person in the relationship as a soul who was living their own journey and doing the best they could with what they knew. What they witnessed and experienced must be appreciated to understand how the healing is to occur. Upon the end of our retreat with these lovely women we had come to know it was clear that we had a story to share and a message of healing to spread. That is what lead us to creating Mimi & Courtney. We are here to help women understand who they truly are and empower them to fully embody their divine self.

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